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Our Answers

What is your approach to pet training?

Noble House uses Foundation Style Dog Training in cooperation with Applied Behavior Analysis, long considered the gold standard of behavior modification, to create training plans and blueprints that forge a path forward in your relationship with your dog.  At the Noble House we believe that if a plan doesn’t make sense on paper it will never work in practice.  

Click here to read the wikipedia page on Applied_behavior_ana

Which of your services is right for me?

This question is best answered after a free consultation with our expert dog trainer.  After a consultation we will provide you with expert advice and options for training plans to suit your unique situation.

Is my pet too old to be trained?

No dog is too old to be trained.  With proper leadership and structure we can teach any dog to be the best they can be.

Can you train my reactive or aggressive dog?

We specialize in dog's that other trainers don't want to work with. Wether your dog has been labeled as aggressive, reactive or dominant we can work with you to create a training plan that brings out the best in your dog. Even if your dog has a couple bites under their belt we can still help you. Call us for a free consultation today.

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